Tackling One Of The Taboo Topics In Male Lexicon

Male Infertility is one of the lesser discussed issues when it comes to the discussion of infertility. It is somewhere associated with one’s virility when the two have got nothing to do with each other. Male Infertility is a perfectly treatable medical condition, once the correct diagnosis is obtained from reliable sources.

When a normal co-habiting couple who wish to procreate, fails to conceive even after a considerable period of TTC or trying to conceive, which can range from 6 months to 1 and 1/2 years of unprotected sex, fall into the category of “infertility”. Though women are the first to be put under the scanner for not being able to reproduce, male infertility is an equally significant contributor to fertility related issues.
Reasons leading up to Male Infertility Did you know that the ubiquitous laptop you so diligently place on your lap for ease of catching the next Netflix series can be a major cause for low sperm count? Heat, smoking drinking, stress can all equally aggr…

IVF Treatments : Am I A Candidate?

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is the procedure of fusing sperm and an ovum outside fallopian tube in a special medium, increasing the chances of fertilisation. Later, upon the success of fertilisation, the zygote is implanted in the fallopian tube/uterus according to to the development stage of the zygote. 

IVF treatments can be costly and one has to be very well prepared for the treatments. A couple should proceed to IVF treatments only under the guidance and suggestions from the specialised doctors. Ssmile IVF, being the best in the IVF treatment in Pune, helps you with the important decisions you’ve got to take in this regard with our Fertility Consultancy and helps you choose the best fertility treatment for you. When to consider IVF?In cases of low sperm count in men, chances of fertilisation can be very low. Hence, the sperm from father and ovum from mother is collected to be fertilised outside.If the female partner has the conditions of polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS/PCOD), ovu…